six ways V

six ways to escape. reality, albeit a necessity, can be tiresome. create your own world to escape to when you need some peace.

1. read a book. this is probably the most obvious method of escapism. you can travel the world without ever leaving your home.

2. play dress up. it doesn't matter if you look ridiculous, or if you end up looking fabulous and going out on the town. dressing up gives you an opportunity to be anyone you want.

3. take a hike. walk through the woods. go somewhere secluded and have a picnic by yourself. take a nap underneath the trees and against the moss.

4. movie night. make it a night all by yourself with your favorite treat and your favorite movie. or mix it up and have a movie night with the girls, it's very possible to escape with multiple people.

5. listen to music. listen to something that transports you to a different place, not just something you hear on the radio all the time.

6. daydream. sometimes it's as simple as gazing out of a window and letting all of your stressful thoughts melt away. sometimes it's simply a matter of letting go of inhibitions and using your imagination.

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etsy: yokoo

i am in such a fall mood. i know i got a lot of my fall lust out a few posts back, but i am really craving sweater weather*. i'm a bit bummed though because i don't have nearly enough sweaters or cosy articles of clothing for when the days become really crisp and chilly. needless to say, i'm absolutely drooling over all of the lovely knits at Yokoo. my insatiable desire for all things snuggly is going into overdrive, and if i don't start knitting something soon i think i just might buy out the whole store!

*i've just been reminded of one of my favorite comics. it's called Sweaterweather and is one of the cutest things i have ever seen. i'll have to re-read it now!


deborah parkin

Deborah Parkin's photographs of her kids seems to eerily echo what goes on in the minds of children. she captures the conundrum that is naivety with a hint of knowingness that adults tend to forget or push to the back of their head. it takes me aback at how surreal it all seems, yet it's a little reminder that we should not take children for granted. it's a reminder of how we felt as kids and how we really were wise beyond our years at such a young age. perhaps subconsciously or in a different manner than traditional wisdom, but we were most certainly all wise once.


etsy color: pink

clockwise from top left: crown by Janine Basil; necklace by thief & bandit; print by jellybeans; coin purse by oktak; coat from Amalia Chimera; print by abby try again; print by Catherine Campbell; tattoo by Julia Pott; bloomers by Clare Bare

i adore pink, but it is one of those colors that i really only adore in small doses. pink is always forced into your face as such a girly color, and sometimes i just wish we could let go of the stereotype and let pink be pink. does that make sense? having said that, the items i picked are rather "girly" but i like them all for their perfect display of the color. the pieces are all rather artsy in their own way and none of them are too harsh or in your face. even that sparkly crown is nice and quaint. i've found that a little pink can go a long way...and just the right amount in just the right shade can make it appear as if you're housing the most wonderful secret.


i'm falling

today is officially the first day of fall (my favorite season!) over here in the northern hemisphere. that means it's time to start putting sweaters and tights in the closet, getting ready to kick around newly fallen crunchy leaves, and finding little treasures of books to curl up with in big comfy chairs while drinking lovely steaming cups of tea. mmm...just thinking about the beginning of autumn makes me happy!

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ps- i think i might've gotten the date wrong...i think it was the 21st? regardless, it is now officially fall. i just felt like i had to add that in here. =]


a word

by Emily Dickinson

A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

photo from here.


sock it to me

way back in February i blogged about Sock Dreams, an online shop that sells the coolest socks. Sock Dreams features a whole bunch of awesome brands, but i wanted to talk a bit about Sock It To Me. Sock It To Me is a female run company based in Portland, OR (yes, i see their awesome socks everywhere here). the label started with one woman's dream to bring the type of funky socks that she saw all over Korea to the States. i, for one, am super glad she did. you would be hard pressed to find socks any cuter than the ones from Sock It To Me.


my simple breakfast

quite obviously inspired by simply breakfast. this is my favorite breakfast, although i didn't eat it this morning. it's a semi-toasted bagel with plain cream cheese and smushed avocado. i'm pretty sure i was drinking green tea (the dark kind?) because i usually put milk in my black tea. i finished that book and let me tell you it was a total trip. it was amazing. i'm not usually drawn to coming of age books, but i saw a review of it in one of my magazines (BUST, maybe?) and thought it looked good. i highly recommend it if you're in the mood for a heart-wrenching tale about being thrown into the world that is Teenagehood.

i hope you all have a delightful day!


lissy elle

i featured one of her photos in my "i do believe" post, and i simply had to devote an entire post to some more of her photos. all of Lissy's photography is amazing. i don't even own Photoshop (and i have pretty much no grasp on how it works) but i absolutely adore gazing at her edited pictures. especially those in her Let's Play Pretend set on Flickr. i'm completely failing at finding a better word to describe her photos than magical, so i'll just stick with that one. and don't you agree? isn't her work breathtakingly magical?


short films

you all know how much i love short films...

i love them when they're beautiful, when they manage to evoke many different emotions in just under a minute.

i love them when they're thought provoking, when they have a message. i love them if you feel something creative pulsing inside yourself when you're watching them.

and of course i love them when they're simply adorable.



i have a new addiction. essie nail polishes. okay, so i know it's a bit silly, but really. look how gorgeous these colors are! i've used a few essie colors here and there for the past few years, but just lately have i realized how amazing they are. they go on like butter (can one even use butter to describe nail polish?!) and the colors are unique and make me oh so happy! i just picked up mesmerize (i'm wearing it now) and i really want to buy fishnet stockings.
it's the simple things in life, yeah? =]

ps- nail polish color names crack me up.


claire coles design

Claire Coles sews some absolutely beautiful art. sometimes she sews on ceramics, but she is by far best known for her gorgeous wallpaper designs. using scraps of vintage wallpaper, leather, and silks, she pieces them together into dreamy and fantastical images for your walls. just imagine, if you had her wallpaper in one of your rooms, you wouldn't ever have to buy any art for the walls. your walls would be the art!

(via post grad hair cut)

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