farmer's market

oh how i love farmer's markets (one of the many perks of living in Portland...there are farmer's markets everywhere). not only can you buy locally grown and organic food at them, but the people watching is amazing! my mother and i stumbled across one the other day while we were downtown. she grabbed her little wicker shopping basket from the car and i grabbed my camera and we had a great time exploring the various vendors' booths.

ps- those are quail eggs in the fourth picture, and in the fifth photo my mum is holding my homemade raspberry lemon soda (and drinking hers).


charlotte mann

oh my goodness, speaking of home decor, i want Charlotte Mann to come and decorate my plain white walls with her sharpie. yes. sharpie. Ms. Mann is a British artist who uses black markers and a white background to create stunning rooms within rooms. she even did the backdrop for the Peter Jensen Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion show at New York fashion week. her work leaves me in awe. doesn't it look almost dollhouse-ish? i adore it!


room candy

one: doesn't this just look cosy? two: as if i could ever be elegant enough to sit and get ready at a "dressing table".

one: brilliant! brilliant brilliant. click through to see how it looks in a room. it's magical! two: my books are dying to be put on this gorgeous bookshelf. it even has cute little drawers!

one: this rug is simple gorgeous. two: a postcard rug? this was made for me. yup. i think they should send me one just because i was obviously the inspiration.

one: ah haha this is ingenious. and it's colorful! i love the design. two: *droooool*

one: still totally in love with this. two: do i have to explain this? if you don't like spelling things on your wall with fun moveable letters, i don't know why you bother reading this blog. ;]

so, since i officially live in an attic (a mighty fine one, i must add) and the walls are super short and annoying (but oh so beautiful) all i've been thinking about are various ways of storing things and decorating rooms. Anthropologie is one of my favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to home decor (as is evidence in this here post. by the way, my bestie Lou totally bought me that mug. i know, she's the greatest.) so i've compiled a little wishlist of things i greatly wish were in my room.

ps- half these things wouldn't even fit into my room! oh well. i guess that makes not being able to afford them less depressing, right?

pps- remember this post? Lou also bought me the Sweet Dreams banner for my new room. i plan on putting it right above my window seat. perfect for those midday naps i love so much. ♥


i'm nobody

by Emily Dickinson*

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us — don't tell!
They'd advertise — you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one's name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

photo from here.

*i am so in love with Emily Dickinson. i've already done a few poem posts with her poetry, but expect a lot more!


etsy: lamixx

lamixx is all about beautiful minimalism. if you like simple clothing this is a shop i would highly recommend checking out. their pieces look comfy and basic...and in a super chic way. you don't just find t-shirts in this little store. the basics here are quite unique with fantastic details that set them apart from other plain basics. take for instance this tank top. it looks like a cosy tank in the front, but twirl around and the back has a beautiful halter top. wonderfully executed designs, don't you think?


olive & willow

Olive & Willow is the most marvelous shop. it's full of beautiful prints and stunning jewelry. i think their necklace charms are what sealed the deal for me. rainbows + animals + jewelry = an extremely happy moi. if only i had $126 to spare, i think i'd buy myself that gorgeous owl. but for now i'm content perusing the charms and prints. actually, looking through the prints is a lot more satisfying since they're hardly as expensive as the necklaces. maybe i'll get one for my room, they do involve animals. and i'm such a sucker for artwork featuring animals! (more evidence of my love for animal jewelry/artwork here)

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a few photos from a shoot i did with my friend, Sonrisa, for her senior portraits. her name means smile in Spanish. 

pretty pencils

miniature art always amazes me. i love tiny things. the lulu bird posted about these fun pencils the other day, and i fell madly in love. at first i didn't realize that there was anything at the top...i just thought they were colorful pencil stubs displayed in a row. but wowzers, i scrolled down and there was an itsy bitsy hammer carved perfectly into the top of one of the lead pencils! it was a delightful surprise, to say the least. =]


the song of the jellicles

by T.S. Eliot

Jellicle Cats come out tonight,
Jellicle Cats come one come all:
The Jellicle Moon is shining bright--
Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball.

Jellicle Cats are black and white,
Jellicle Cats are rather small;
Jellicle Cats are merry and bright,
And pleasant to hear when they caterwaul.
Jellicle Cats have cheerful faces,
Jellicle Cats have bright black eyes;
They like to practise their airs and graces
And wait for the Jellicle Moon to rise.

Jellicle Cats develop slowly,
Jellicle Cats are not too big;
Jellicle Cats are roly-poly,
They know how to dance a gavotte and a jig.
Until the Jellicle Moon appears
They make their toilette and take their repose:
Jellicles wash behind their ears,
Jellicles dry between their toes.

Jellicle Cats are white and black,
Jellicle Cats are of moderate size;
Jellicles jump like a jumping-jack,
Jellicle Cats have moonlit eyes.
They're quiet enough in the morning hours,
They're quiet enough in the afternoon,
Reserving their terpsichorean powers
To dance by the light of the Jellicle Moon.

Jellicle Cats are black and white,
Jellicle Cats (as I said) are small;
If it happens to be a stormy night
They will practise a caper or two in the hall.
If it happens the sun is shining bright
You would say they had nothing to do at all:
They are resting and saving themselves to be right
For the Jellicle Moon and the Jellicle Ball.

photo origin.


retro future ads

these retro future advertisements crack me up. they look so amazing! these "ads" are the perfect combination of witty and fun. but not only do they look good and make you smile, these posters also make you think. i mean, it's kind of insane how fast our technology has been progressing. we've come so terribly far in just a matter of decades. i wonder what will happen with the next generation. maybe they'll come up with their own retro future ads and make us look vintage!

(via here and here)

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