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congratulations! the giveaway winner for my "little box of treasures" giveaway is Chelsea from Triumphs and Blunders of a Kooky Gal!

=] thanks for entering, everyone! hopefully i'll make giveaways a more regular feature on my blog. i already have another one in mind...

tea party

yesterday my mother and i hosted the sweetest little tea party! there were strawberries and cakes (actually, there was so much food it seemed like the table just kept getting fuller and fuller!) and mix and match teacups. it was fun to have girl time and giggle, share stories, and play parlor games with one another. tea parties really are one of my favorite things. these photos also remind me that i need to take some pictures of myself some time! i still haven't done that with my new camera!



i really like the new (i'm guessing it's pretty new?) video sharing site, Lily and the Muse. it's home to some absolutely gorgeous videos! right now i'm adoring the video above. i first saw it on See Hear Say. the film is called In All the World I Dream of Paper by Petra Storrs and it's visual bliss. it's so beautiful! and cute! wouldn't you just feel so darling in that paper dress? ohh and that big paper bow is to die for, is it not? this short film transports you to another world, it's very dreamy. you should also really check out Petra Storrs other work. like, say, this adorable music video that she made paper puppets for!


banshee beat

i absolutely adore the artwork on the blog Banshee Beat. it's so striking and gorgeously out of this world. it makes my day when i get a notice saying that this blog has a new post. the collages and mixed media art is so mesmerizing! the textures, colors, and shapes...they're completely stunning. here are some of my favorite pieces, but please do check out the blog for more fantastic art. i could look through all the old entries for hours!

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ppps- wow...i really have been in a postscript writing mood. so sorry about that, i'm sure it'll pass over soon!


polaroid scarves

i'm a little late on the whole polaroid scarf thing (here a just few of the oodles of posts: Daydream Lily, Oh Joy!, and Poppytalk) but these are too wonderful for me to simply pass over! made by Philippe Roucou, you can buy them on Reborn. they're a bit too pricey for me, but if i had $500 lying around, i'd definitely snatch one up! most likely this one.

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random lovelies 2

i still have lots more photos on my desktop! like the last random lovelies post, i (sadly!) don't know the source to any of these either. if you do please tell me! =] have you ever looked at a certain photograph and wished your life was a bit more like that one photo? or maybe that you were the girl in that picture? i do that a lot...i daydream about transplanting myself into some other land for maybe just an hour or so. i think it would be fun, but possibly very scary if it ever actually happened! it's nice to dream, though. pictures are so magical.
(update: 4 is from here)

ps- one very very lovely blog, Charismagick, gave me this adorable blog award. it's basically a Beautiful Blogger award melded with a Cherry on Top award...so it's now a Beautiful Cherry on Top Blogger Award! how sweet is that? i'm passing on the award(s) to Polaroid Cupcake, Daughter Earth, Feathers & ThingsHoneylocust, and Living Simply.


etsy: tattoo socks

i don't even remember where i first saw these tights, but it was a while back and i absolutely loved them. their recent popularity on blogs and in the little tight-knit (pun intended!) tights world has drawn me back to the store and i had almost forgotten exactly how much i liked those amazing tights by Tattoo Socks (don't they look stunning under fishnets and in that lovely grey color, too?). it seems like people are getting more and more creative when it comes to leg wear, and this is a wonderful example of just that. also, who here has ever wanted a kickass tattoo but not...well, wanted one permanently? i know i have. i'm really going to have to invest in some of these tights...temporary tattoos just aren't as gorgeous (or practical!).


ida sjostedt

there are no words to describe how absolutely amazing Ida Sjostedt's Spring 2010 collection is. it's my perfect spring wardrobe. lots of lace and florals with a little bit of funkiness thrown in the mix. it's beautiful. so so pretty! it's a funny thing, my recent affinity for all things girly, because i'm the first to admit that my style isn't exactly girly at all. lately i've been living in jeans, a loose t-shirt, a fedora, and some Doc Marten saddle shoes. and my closet is chock-full of bright and bold colors, so all of this soft subtle stuff that i'm falling madly in love with is throwing me off! but i kind of like it. shakes things up a bit, you know? my head is floating around in a world full of pastels and florals and lacey things...and i think i like it. =]

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