my very first giveaway

hi there! so i realized it was probably time to do a giveaway (actually, i just really wanted to!) and say thank you to all of you lovely people who give me wonderful blog support and are just very sweet in general! this post might be a little long because i'm going to go into detail describing it to you haha. it's a little "box of treasures" and each of the items in here have some sort of significance to me. everything will come in this cigar box, like so:

i've always loved the way cigar boxes smell, so that in itself makes me happy. the items that are in this box (i lined the bottom with blue felt) are...

1. a little box of Bon Bons mini nail polishes (i love painting my nails!)

2. a set of black and gold bangles (jewelry! ah!)

3. a little plastic squeeze fish (as seen in this post) and a little yellow bow i made from Sculpey a while back. bright colored knick knacks are another thing that make me happy.

4. a wee miniature violin, because i adore miniature stuff!

5. a skeleton key and tiny buddha. because both of them make me smile!

6. a stamp covered matchbox that i made when i was a little girl. way before i realized that you had to pay for stamps and that they were a form of money...inside are some cute stamps i put in there as well (my folks had a huge stamp stash that i would raid whenever i was looking for something fun and pretty!)

7. two Avon costume rings that my grandmother gave me. she gives me a ton of funky costume jewelry. i love dressing up =]

8. a handmade fair trade soapstone (i think it's soapstone...) donkey from one of my favorite shops, Global Exchange.

9. three shells that were collected at the beach in Pensacola. i used to visit a lot because that's where most of my family live, but i haven't been back in a really long time since i moved to Portland.

10. (my personal favorite) an Alice in Wonderland children's book from one of my favorite vintage shops. it's such a cute size and the pictures are adorable.

11. and a sprinkle of buttons (because i figured glitter would be too messy!)

also, the box will come with a handwritten card/letter/postcard (all depending on my mood at the time, so it'll be a surprise!) 
to enter:
-you must be a follower (reader) of my blog.
-leave a comment below with your name and some way for me to contact you if you win
-for an extra entry you can blog about this giveaway (leave me a link in another comment)
-and you can also tweet about this giveaway (leave me the link or put @LuluDreams in your tweet) on Twitter for another comment
ah i hope that wasn't too confusing! if you have any questions feel free to email me!


  1. That's very cute! I actually have a stamp album collection from when I was little (ahh embarrassing!). You have a neat collection of little things! I'm the same way!

    (I've always wanted a giveaway of my own but I've actually never ever mailed an item to anybody before! I hear it's expesnive!)


  2. how adorable! I love giveaways but this one is very personal and sweet! Enter me please!



  3. Aww! That really is a little treasure! I would love to win!

    P.S.: Of course I'm a follower. I have been one for some time :)

  4. Ooh! Everything is so cute, especially after #4! I play the violin. :)
    And the stamp box is probably the most divine, after learning you made that when you were little!
    I'd love to enter your giveaway!


  5. Oh i love that all this stuff is miniture and so so cute. How wonderful.

    My blog is shewaitsforwhispers.blogspot.com
    and my email is shewaitsforwhispers[at]ymail[dot]com

    Ohhh Pick me!

  6. How fabulous, I'm literally speechless at the bunch of amazing stuff you're giving away :)

    My email address is lucypartington@ymail.com x

  7. Oh what a fabulous giveaway.
    So much more interesting than the usual ones.
    I love love the costume rings and Alice in Wonderland book!

    My email is: jax.bransgrove@gmail.com

  8. very cool giveaway! would love to win! :D


  9. I love treasure boxes...they are so fun--especially this one! I how personal you made it...such a special touch.

  10. Ahh, I am smitten with all the tiny and adorable things you're giving away... it's totally a treasure box! How fun!

  11. lovely blog and this giveaway is delightful!

    pheebsyeah [at] hotmail [dot] com

  12. hi i'm bee


  13. at first I thought wow, she's giving away that fantastic cigar box! I would love one of those! Then, I realized it was going to be filled with all of those exquisite little treasures! I love them all and if I won I would give each one the very best home! So many of those items are special to me too...the stamps, I collect...buddha, I have a larger that looks just like that one, skeleton keys are a major favorite of mine and I collect those as well and the shells...I'm a Florida girl through and through...not a transplant! Oh, I could go on and on but I won't bore you...

    Thanks for visiting my blog today, I appreciate your time and your comment!


  14. what a cool give away.
    and such a lovely blog.

  15. OMG i really love the little key.
    i love your blog, is cute and pretty.
    I hope that you visit my blog when you can.
    Thanks for coment.
    i suscribe to your blog

  16. Oh, these tiny little things are so precious and personal... I like it so much. Such a treasure.


  17. aw, your the sweetest! Love all your treasures. This is a very thoughful giveaway lovely! xxx

  18. You shouldn't give it away, it seems so personal. But a very cool gesture aswell.

    ♥ dontlookinthecamera.blogspot.com

  19. I love treasures!!! And, of course I follow your blog... it's lovely! xo

  20. wow - what a generous giveaway! what treasures! just discovered your blog and am now a follower :) happy monday!

  21. oh my goodness i love love love this!!
    how cute!! those rings are incredible!
    crossing my fingers!!

  22. I ADORE your giveaway!!! It's all I dream to have right now :)
    I'm a follower of your lovely blog :)
    I'm crossing my fingers!

  23. I just twitted your giveaway @bohospirit (I'm also following you on twitter)
    Giovanna ♡

  24. wow that's amazing! i hope i haven't missed the deadline!
    um yeah i follow your blog, love it :)



  25. I just tweeted about your lovely little giveaway @NatalieSparkle



  26. Wow thats fantastic! I wish I could enter ;)

  27. Oh what an amazing giveaway (and blog!).

    Everything you featured is extra cute and anyone would be lucky to receive such great treasures!



  28. what a wonderful giveaway. i love trinkets.

    kendal croix.


  29. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/PaperJot/status/10989333261 :)

  30. i LOVE the rings! Such an adorable give a way!



    (crossing my fingers!)

  31. teeny knick knacks are my favorite. in love!



  32. i'd love to be included if it's not too late :D

  33. !?!
    Why are parting with such treasures!?
    ♥ them...

  34. I just became your reader ha does that count? I just found your blog through another blog and I gotta say its pretty cute :)

    (and i would love to win this giveaway)

    (such a fun looking box!)

    Much love, Lane




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