my mary poppins bag

also known as my purse. it doesn't hold nearly as much as Mary Poppins' bag, but i like to think of it as somewhat magical...mainly because i feel the need to lug it around every day. but it also has pretty much everything i need to entertain myself and/or the kids i'm babysitting. minus Legos. and colored pencils...
anyhoo. the contents!

1. keys. cute doggy keychain. cute monkey key covers. teeny flashlight keychain.
2. Robert Marc sunglasses. hemp sunglass case.
3. phone.
4. scarab bracelet. locket.
5. plaid wallet
6. leather change purse.
7. chicken and egg fabric change purse (i put random things inside of it)
8. snap change purse (my pressed powder is in it)
9. on top of my pressed powder pouch is a little gummy penguin pencil topper, yellow hair clip, silver bobby pin, and flower bobby pin that my mum crocheted for me.
10. my tubed makeup items in a row: Dr. Hauschka lipstick in Transparent Pink. Revlon lipstick in Iced Amethyst. Chapstick 100% Naturals Lip Butter. Alba pineapple quench clear lip gloss. Stila cover up stick in shade a. an old old Artdeco lip "finish" in some super sparkly silver shade. Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Champagne. and Benefit lip gloss in Corsage.
11. my inhaler. woot!
12. nail file.
13. Secret deodorant in Powder Fresh (and a travel size! i'm kind of obsessive about deodorant...)
14. CleanWell hand sanitizer (i would definitely not recommend this, it smells really strongly of oregano for about fifteen minutes after you use it. believe me. it's more annoying than it sounds)
15. L'Occitane solid perfume. vanilla scented!!!
16. Visine eye drops. travel size. =]
17. pill case (in the shape of a pill capsule!)
18. purple plastic squeeze fish. yes. purple plastic squeeze fish.
19. retro pen.
20. pink Moleskine notebook.
21. rainbow houndstooth umbrella from Target.
22. pocket mirror.
23. Kiss My Face hand lotion. grapefruit + bergamot scented.


  1. I like how you managed to slip a tea cup into that post

  2. Woaah, that's a lot of stuff. Very cute though! Love, Malou.



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