etsy: soapopotamus

who doesn't enjoy soap in adorable shapes? i know i do! true, i tend to put my cute soaps on display for ages before i use them (who wants to mess up a work of art?!), but when i do eventually get up the nerve to wash my hands with novelty soaps i like to savor every lather. i've never actually bought soap from Soapopotamus, but boy am i seriously considering it! there is simply too much cleverness and adorableness in that shop. just take a look at this goat's milk soap in the shape of a cinnamon roll...and this carrot cake soap...and this super kooky denture soap!
also, if you're looking for something a little more sophisticated, the owner of Soapopotamus (it is quite hard to spell that!) has another bath and body shop on Etsy called Bitter Tundra. take a peek. =]


six ways III

six ways to fight having a bad case of the monthlies.

1. take a hot bath. heat helps me more than anything with yucky cramps. heating pads are also super helpful. i use a heating pad like this one.

2. drink cups of tea. personally, drinking tea just helps with my mood. so i tend to drink lots of it when i don't feel good.

3. take a walk. sometimes a little bit of exercise goes a long way.

4. read a book. fluffy chick lit is a must in this situation.

5. chocolate. no explanation needed!

6. take a nice nap (or two, or three, or four...) it can be exhausting being a woman!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


eley kishimoto

the Eley Kishimoto Autumn Winter 10/11 lookbook is full of multimedia snapshots that i wouldn't mind framing and hanging on my walls. the composition in these pictures is fantastic! the bold colors and bold shapes compliment the seemingly haphazard watercolor brushstrokes that frame each photo so softly. the clothing really isn't my style, but it's growing on me! i love the tribal-esqe patterns, rich hues, and simple yet daring silhouettes of each outfit. what i brilliant idea this lookbook was indeed. it's one of my favorites in 2010 thus far!


dear modcloth,

you have a rather large problem. your shoes are just too incredibly fantastic.
i mean really? rainbow boots?
and are you trying to get me to propose to you or something? naming these amazing Sorta Fairytale With Boot boots after a Tori Amos song?
the color teal on these studded heels should be outlawed for being too dangerously gorgeous. (yes, i did just go there.)
more rainbow-y goodness? check. glitter? check. ribbon? check! ...did i miss anything?
so many rainbows! i feel like these would be the perfect unicorn riding shoes.
okay, that's it. your Hop to it Wedges are sealing the deal. 
will you marry me?????

lots and lots of love (and some possible drooling on the computer screen),


pdx at night

Portland is a city with lots and lots of bridges. i recently stayed at a hotel (who says you can't be a tourist in your own city?) that overlooked both the Hawthorne Bridge (that really pretty one on the left) and an interstate bridge. the interstate bridge is not very pretty...but at night everything looks so magical, don't you think?


eveline tarunadjaja

absolutely stunning mushroom artwork by Eveline Tarunadjaja, an Australian artist who has a knack for creating beautiful, dreamy portraits with lots of intricate detail. i rather enjoy her color palettes...the soft pastels look incredibly ethereal next the the rich browns and blues. and the way she draws hair! it's so lifelike it seems as if you could reach out and touch it...

(via The Clothes Horse)


etsy color: yellow

maybe it's my yearning for sunshine on these unexpected rainy days we've been having here in Portland that's drawing me to yellow...or maybe it's just the fact that yellow is a cheerful color no matter what the weather is. whatever it may be, i think yellow can brighten up a room or an outfit in an instant. and i could really use a little yellow in my life right now. so if you don't mind, i think i'm going to go put on a cozy yellow sweater and read a nice happy book!


teddy girls

this editorial is stunning...and i'm feeling really lazy so i'm not going to go on and on about every last detail like i usually do. also, there's just too much that i like about these photos! if i said one thing it would lead to another and then another and...well, i'm doing it right now, aren't i? anyway, ignore my unsuccessful attempt at not rambling about random things and enjoy these gorgeous pictures. and don't forget to check out the awesome blog that i discovered this editorial on. =]

ps- remember that kitty giveaway that i did? and all that awful shipping trouble i was having? (you live, you blog, you learn...) i found out that it wouldn't be too expensive to ship the package internationally! so the cat will soon have a lovely home with Zuzana.

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