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wow! i can't believe it's almost been an entire year since i've blogged!
life has been going by at record pace (most of the time, that is). unfortunately, i won't be returning from my insanely long blogging hiatus, but you that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. :)
i miss you all so much. the blogosphere- the whole blogging community -helped me when i was at a low place in my life. i needed your support more than anything. i found an uncanny amount of friends amongst all of you, and i found out things about myself that would have been hidden from me had i not had the support of all my readers and fellow bloggers blogging about things that were new to me. i thank you all so much for that.
as for life now, i am happier than i've ever been. life is also more chaotic than ever, but i've found that chaos isn't nearly as scary when you're happy.
a lot of you who follow my blog know that i identified as bi for a long time. i didn't bring my sexual orientation into my blog all that often because i didn't find it prudent or necessary. i wanted to inform you though, that i came out fully in January and now identify as gay. a bonafide femme! ;)
obviously i haven't really changed as a person. i'm now just a million times more comfortable in my skin than i was before! :)

anyhow, just because i'm not blogging doesn't mean i'm gone from the interwebs forever (i'm too addicted for that!) and i regularly tweet silly ramblings about my life.

and feel free to email me at lenalulu@comcast.net

also, just 'cause i'm not writing about pretty things doesn't mean i'm not mooning over them. you can follow me on svpply and keep up with my materialistic side.

(to add to that list i occasionally Yelp about things...http://lenalulu.yelp.com/ )

so please lovelies, get in touch! this blog might be coming to an end, but my life is merely getting started. 


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hi! i'm Lena, but you can call me Lulu. i love Frida Kahlo, feminism, art, reading, kitties, and drinking tea. i love the film Amelie and i think that the tiny traveling gnome has stolen my heart. i want to own a bookshop and live above it one day. i get quite passionate about things. i tend to think too much. i'm kind of a hermit.

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