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life now

wow! i can't believe it's almost been an entire year since i've blogged!
life has been going by at record pace (most of the time, that is). unfortunately, i won't be returning from my insanely long blogging hiatus, but you that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. :)
i miss you all so much. the blogosphere- the whole blogging community -helped me when i was at a low place in my life. i needed your support more than anything. i found an uncanny amount of friends amongst all of you, and i found out things about myself that would have been hidden from me had i not had the support of all my readers and fellow bloggers blogging about things that were new to me. i thank you all so much for that.
as for life now, i am happier than i've ever been. life is also more chaotic than ever, but i've found that chaos isn't nearly as scary when you're happy.
a lot of you who follow my blog know that i identified as bi for a long time. i didn't bring my sexual orientation into my blog all that often because i didn't find it prudent or necessary. i wanted to inform you though, that i came out fully in January and now identify as gay. a bonafide femme! ;)
obviously i haven't really changed as a person. i'm now just a million times more comfortable in my skin than i was before! :)

anyhow, just because i'm not blogging doesn't mean i'm gone from the interwebs forever (i'm too addicted for that!) and i regularly tweet silly ramblings about my life.

and feel free to email me at

also, just 'cause i'm not writing about pretty things doesn't mean i'm not mooning over them. you can follow me on svpply and keep up with my materialistic side.

(to add to that list i occasionally Yelp about things... )

so please lovelies, get in touch! this blog might be coming to an end, but my life is merely getting started. 



scarf shop

i know i just posted about some amazing fall accessories, but how cool are these scarves?!? i am so incredibly in love with all of the different colors Scarfshop has to offer. the scarves themselves come in long + skinny, regular, big, and giant sizes. the giant scarf is a whopping 4' x 9' and bunches up absolutely wonderfully. these scarves are 100% cotton and not very heavy at they're perfect for those days where you develop a slight chill as you're shuffling through the newly fallen leaves to the library. perfect for layering over that one cardigan with all of those funky buttons you love so much. these scarves just seem so very perfect for autumn.

(via Unruly Things)

taking a blogging hiatus. hope to be back soon!


quiet girl

i am a huge fan of postcards. it's obvious from my blog title and it's obvious by the random little things i like to post about. so when i stumbled across these illustrated postcards by Valerie Chua on Anna's blog (one of my favorites, you should definitely check it out) i almost squealed with glee. goodness, aren't they completely marvelous? these illustrations are the epitome of wistful. the girls' unsmiling faces and  muted colors bring about a plaintive aspect to the otherwise gorgeous atmosphere that these postcards create. looking at these collaged portraits, the girls are seemingly begging for their story to be told. but in these cards, i think that part is up to you.

ps- check out Ms. Chua's photostream


six ways V

six ways to escape. reality, albeit a necessity, can be tiresome. create your own world to escape to when you need some peace.

1. read a book. this is probably the most obvious method of escapism. you can travel the world without ever leaving your home.

2. play dress up. it doesn't matter if you look ridiculous, or if you end up looking fabulous and going out on the town. dressing up gives you an opportunity to be anyone you want.

3. take a hike. walk through the woods. go somewhere secluded and have a picnic by yourself. take a nap underneath the trees and against the moss.

4. movie night. make it a night all by yourself with your favorite treat and your favorite movie. or mix it up and have a movie night with the girls, it's very possible to escape with multiple people.

5. listen to music. listen to something that transports you to a different place, not just something you hear on the radio all the time.

6. daydream. sometimes it's as simple as gazing out of a window and letting all of your stressful thoughts melt away. sometimes it's simply a matter of letting go of inhibitions and using your imagination.

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etsy: yokoo

i am in such a fall mood. i know i got a lot of my fall lust out a few posts back, but i am really craving sweater weather*. i'm a bit bummed though because i don't have nearly enough sweaters or cosy articles of clothing for when the days become really crisp and chilly. needless to say, i'm absolutely drooling over all of the lovely knits at Yokoo. my insatiable desire for all things snuggly is going into overdrive, and if i don't start knitting something soon i think i just might buy out the whole store!

*i've just been reminded of one of my favorite comics. it's called Sweaterweather and is one of the cutest things i have ever seen. i'll have to re-read it now!

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