six ways V

six ways to escape. reality, albeit a necessity, can be tiresome. create your own world to escape to when you need some peace.

1. read a book. this is probably the most obvious method of escapism. you can travel the world without ever leaving your home.

2. play dress up. it doesn't matter if you look ridiculous, or if you end up looking fabulous and going out on the town. dressing up gives you an opportunity to be anyone you want.

3. take a hike. walk through the woods. go somewhere secluded and have a picnic by yourself. take a nap underneath the trees and against the moss.

4. movie night. make it a night all by yourself with your favorite treat and your favorite movie. or mix it up and have a movie night with the girls, it's very possible to escape with multiple people.

5. listen to music. listen to something that transports you to a different place, not just something you hear on the radio all the time.

6. daydream. sometimes it's as simple as gazing out of a window and letting all of your stressful thoughts melt away. sometimes it's simply a matter of letting go of inhibitions and using your imagination.

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  1. These are perfect! All my preferred ways of escaping :)

  2. ...these are my preferred ways of escaping as well, and my two favorite ones , reading books and listening to music but i haven't tried the third one "3. take a hike. walk through the woods. go somewhere secluded and have a picnic by yourself. take a nap underneath the trees and against the moss."

  3. These are wonderful. I'm doing number 4 right now <3

  4. What a beautiful reminder on how to be at one with oneself. Agreed, these are all very much my methods of escapism as well. Reading this has been a reminder for me to perform these!!!!


  5. I needed this, thank you!! These are all gorgeous and inspiring!

  6. Amazing.

    Sometimes I get so negative and really, really want to escape. These are some good ways to get through some bad feelings.

  7. i love this post. thank you, you rock.

  8. the music one or the book idea would definitely be my preferred methods... escaping is the best.. :)

  9. love it. escape is my middle name.

    and love lisa mitchell! seriously, she is so darling.

  10. nice!! we all need to escape from time to time :)

  11. I do most of those things every day. I try to escape a lot. I'm not sure what that says about my life?? At least I know how to handle escaping. ;)

  12. Where do you get your pictures?!

  13. Leann!: if you click on the number on the bottom, it will give you the link to each photo.

  14. goodness!
    that is one mighty blog!
    totally. impressed!

  15. Sound advice. This is a very sweet post. Thanks for writing! You've made my day!



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