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i am in such a fall mood. i know i got a lot of my fall lust out a few posts back, but i am really craving sweater weather*. i'm a bit bummed though because i don't have nearly enough sweaters or cosy articles of clothing for when the days become really crisp and chilly. needless to say, i'm absolutely drooling over all of the lovely knits at Yokoo. my insatiable desire for all things snuggly is going into overdrive, and if i don't start knitting something soon i think i just might buy out the whole store!

*i've just been reminded of one of my favorite comics. it's called Sweaterweather and is one of the cutest things i have ever seen. i'll have to re-read it now!


  1. oh, they're adorable.
    it's a shame it's too hot here now to wear them.

  2. I always have something for girls in bowl cut hair. and that knitted bow is something your grandmother would never make for you.

  3. those are too cute. I was just thinking I needed more fall clothes.

  4. I'm glad you like my blog :) Perhaps I should start posting bits in english as well!
    It's a good thing you left a comment there and I ended up here, always makes me happy to find more sources of inspiration!

  5. I've got fall on the brain too! all I can knit are scarves....must expand on that.
    I love Yokoo's work - so beautiful.

  6. i want that cowl! it looks so cozy :)

  7. aw, so cute! i want it all!


  8. Such a cute blog!!!! Just found you:) Love it!!!

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