deborah parkin

Deborah Parkin's photographs of her kids seems to eerily echo what goes on in the minds of children. she captures the conundrum that is naivety with a hint of knowingness that adults tend to forget or push to the back of their head. it takes me aback at how surreal it all seems, yet it's a little reminder that we should not take children for granted. it's a reminder of how we felt as kids and how we really were wise beyond our years at such a young age. perhaps subconsciously or in a different manner than traditional wisdom, but we were most certainly all wise once.


  1. The texture of these photos is so interesting and hard to describe. She certainly shows the dignity of childhood. I work with children and really like what these photos portray.

  2. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. These images spark something special in my heart, she's such an evocative photographer.

    Your blog is so fantastic, and you have such a way with words, it simply inspires me to create and write better each time I read from you. Thank you for sharing how wonderful you are with the rest of the world, you really are an inspiration, Lulu.

    Norah of 'Lets run away'
    @ http://thislittleblogbelongstome.blogspot.com

  3. i must admit, these really scare me but in a good way:) oh, and thanks for your last comment dreamweaver;)

  4. heheheh thanks for your comment!!! I'm adding your button to my collection :D

    And I really like those photographs! They are so wonderfully creepy!

  5. i just came across your blog, and i am very glad i did :) keep it up sunshine xx

  6. oh wow she's very talented! thanks for sharing :)

  7. oh my!im in love with your blog also im so gald you found me so that i could find you :P


  8. I have a very high respect for any photographer that attempts to use a 4x5 camera or larger... I have been shooting 4x5 this year and it is very hard to master... these images are wonderful thankyou for sharing



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