i have a confession to make...i have a serious obsession with Pacifica candles. i mean, it's a huge obsession. especially with this one scent called Tuscan Blood Orange. ohhh it's beyond delectable. it's the perfect fresh citrus fragrance. i have the Tuscan Blood Orange candles, but i also have the perfume with the same smell, which is amazing. it doesn't hold its scent for very long though, so i spritz it on before i go to bed and drift off to dreamland feeling wonderfully relaxed and pleasantly cozy. hmm...do you think getting the Tuscan Blood Orange solid perfume for my purse would be overkill? or maybe the body wash? or the lotion? oh boy...they've got a body butter...

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  1. I got one of these candles awhile back... it smells amazing! perfect for welcoming the warmer weather :)

  2. Totally unrelated comment (sorry about that):
    I just read your profile and I think that you might be my twin :D I also love Amelie, am kind of a feminist and I feel like I want to travel to wherever every single day! :D

  3. oh yay! how fun!! thanks for telling me. that's awesome! =]

  4. ooo, blood orange..that sounds invigorating and refreshing!

  5. ooh i just had blood orange gelato, i bet that candle smells delicious!

  6. They are nice candles.You like or not but?

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