coralie bickford-smith

if you haven't read one of the many many posts on Coralie Bickford-Smith's work that are floating around in the blogosphere, today is your lucky day. there are so many wonderful works of literature out in the world that just don't have an appealing cover. and even though you're not supposed to "judge a book by its cover"...in the case of Coralie's art (especially her Hardback Classics series), i'm pretty sure it's allowed. wonderful books with perhaps dull covers are transformed into wonderful books with absolutely breathtaking covers. looking at what she's done to books like Jane Eyre and Little Women makes me want to re-read both novels (even though the first time i read Little Women i about fell asleep) just so i have an excuse to buy them in this lovely edition!


  1. Oh my!! My heart just skipped a beat! xo

  2. Oh arent these just the cutest things ever. How adorable.

    And Beards do rule! I hope your friend likes the post hehe. <3<3


  3. thanks for dropping by my blog. glad i did, cause i got to find your lovely blog

  4. i ADORE these covers!! :)

  5. great! and thanks for pass by my blog ;)

  6. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    i saw those books at anthro & it makes me want to read all of them, they're so pretty!

  7. yes, in this case, whoever said dont judge a book by its cover was terribly wrong.

  8. I want these so badly! thankyou for writing this wonderful post telling people about them because they are a knock out! x

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  10. Wow... what beautiful books.. & I love the name Coralie x

  11. what gorgeous books!!! must have a look out for these little beauties. x

  12. So fantastical! I'm taking a printmaking class this spring in school--hope I can do projects like this someday!

  13. you know i hate to say it but when i purchased some of these...i did judge a book by its cover! i absolutely love all of them..and will eventually collect em all!!!

  14. Wow, what wonderful book covers. I want them on my bookshelf!!!

  15. YES I love these covers, I want the whole collection! I have 'The Picture of Dorian Grey' with the wonderful peacock feather design and it is even nicer in person, the texture is awesome. These are so much more tasteful than a lot of new covers on novels, the worst are when a movie comes out based on the book and then they use the cover of the movie for the cover of the book, blech!




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