banshee beat

i absolutely adore the artwork on the blog Banshee Beat. it's so striking and gorgeously out of this world. it makes my day when i get a notice saying that this blog has a new post. the collages and mixed media art is so mesmerizing! the textures, colors, and shapes...they're completely stunning. here are some of my favorite pieces, but please do check out the blog for more fantastic art. i could look through all the old entries for hours!

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ppps- wow...i really have been in a postscript writing mood. so sorry about that, i'm sure it'll pass over soon!


  1. these are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow thank you for sharing! i definitely love her artwork as well!

  3. These images are beautiful!! Thank you for posting this. XO

  4. Gorgeous art work. I love the second one down. It almost looks like she is standing on the edge of the moon. Very mystical.

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  5. oh my goodness you have an amazing blog! i love it!

    xo tiffany

  6. ooo, there's something very magical about the artwork!

  7. really awesome artwork! love everything about it :)


  8. these are awesome, I love the second one the best.

  9. great stuff! I might follow them too!



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