etsy: tattoo socks

i don't even remember where i first saw these tights, but it was a while back and i absolutely loved them. their recent popularity on blogs and in the little tight-knit (pun intended!) tights world has drawn me back to the store and i had almost forgotten exactly how much i liked those amazing tights by Tattoo Socks (don't they look stunning under fishnets and in that lovely grey color, too?). it seems like people are getting more and more creative when it comes to leg wear, and this is a wonderful example of just that. also, who here has ever wanted a kickass tattoo but not...well, wanted one permanently? i know i have. i'm really going to have to invest in some of these tights...temporary tattoos just aren't as gorgeous (or practical!).


  1. I adore the ones with the butterflies!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. i was looking at these the other night!
    they are so ridiculous.
    i want the bat ones.

  3. i like the first ones :)


  4. I love these! The ones with butterflies and the ones with the peacock feather are my favourites (I don't know why but I'm in love with peacock feathers lately :D).

  5. oh me too! i'm really in love with peacock feathers as of late =]

  6. These are gorgeous aren't they?! I spotted them a while back too... but I personally hate wearing tights! ;(

  7. PS. drop by my blog Lulu there's an award there for you x

  8. great socks, i love the last photo because that tattoo looks way too real. :)

  9. ooo! i love these... especially the octopus one! except i would probably be annoyed by everyone asking if the tattoos are real :)


  10. the tatoos are amazing.
    The 2nd one is my fav.

  11. that is (as we would say in boston) wicked awesome! :) i want...



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