ida sjostedt

there are no words to describe how absolutely amazing Ida Sjostedt's Spring 2010 collection is. it's my perfect spring wardrobe. lots of lace and florals with a little bit of funkiness thrown in the mix. it's beautiful. so so pretty! it's a funny thing, my recent affinity for all things girly, because i'm the first to admit that my style isn't exactly girly at all. lately i've been living in jeans, a loose t-shirt, a fedora, and some Doc Marten saddle shoes. and my closet is chock-full of bright and bold colors, so all of this soft subtle stuff that i'm falling madly in love with is throwing me off! but i kind of like it. shakes things up a bit, you know? my head is floating around in a world full of pastels and florals and lacey things...and i think i like it. =]

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  1. oh my i love it!
    so so perfect for spring!
    i love that first floral dress!!

  2. Look at that lace jumpsuit! That is brilliant! My personal fave is the orange lace dress.

    p.s. I wanted to let you know about my Peruvian Feather Earring Giveaway at itssimpleloe.blogspot.com. Don't miss out!


  3. i love lace and floral prints!!! so excited about this:)
    that eeeek was a good eeeeek!

  4. Love the first dress - the colors are fantastic!



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