farmer's market

oh how i love farmer's markets (one of the many perks of living in Portland...there are farmer's markets everywhere). not only can you buy locally grown and organic food at them, but the people watching is amazing! my mother and i stumbled across one the other day while we were downtown. she grabbed her little wicker shopping basket from the car and i grabbed my camera and we had a great time exploring the various vendors' booths.

ps- those are quail eggs in the fourth picture, and in the fifth photo my mum is holding my homemade raspberry lemon soda (and drinking hers).


  1. Great photos! I love farmer markets as well, the colorful fruits and vegetables inspire me in some way :) Love shopping there too :)

    Boho Market Blog

  2. such beautiful, bright photos! I love it(: farmers markets are so great!

  3. Oh wow, that raspberry lemon soda looks yummy. And I LOVE farmer markets as well :)

  4. wow! there is so much variety in your farmers markets! The one I go to is teeny tiny!! You are so lucky!

  5. great pictures..such strong colours...

  6. gorgeous photos! Everything at that market looks amazing!

  7. oh what beautiful pictures! the colors look great :)

  8. What a lovely post, and such pretty pictures! The quail eggs are beautiful. Do you happen to know what sort of berry is in the sixth picture? I've got the raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries down, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the white ones are! Looks like it was a delightful trip!

  9. those are white raspberries! =D

  10. I, um, had no idea my face was in your picture as I was busy slurping down my lemonade. I could've smiled or something ; )

  11. These photos are DELICIOUS (Raspberries!!). Really love farmer's markets too :).

  12. i like photos of fruits




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