i have a new addiction. essie nail polishes. okay, so i know it's a bit silly, but really. look how gorgeous these colors are! i've used a few essie colors here and there for the past few years, but just lately have i realized how amazing they are. they go on like butter (can one even use butter to describe nail polish?!) and the colors are unique and make me oh so happy! i just picked up mesmerize (i'm wearing it now) and i really want to buy fishnet stockings.
it's the simple things in life, yeah? =]

ps- nail polish color names crack me up.


  1. The names on make-up period really crack me up. I was looking at blushes the other day and the names were just so much fun. I love that mint green nail polish up there, I may have to check these out. ;)

  2. hahha. i love those names too. they're too funny!!! but i love all of those fun colors! very cute!


  3. I love essie nail polish too! They are great and the colors are awesome!!

  4. Wouldn't it be great to be the person who gets to come up with the names? I love essie too - I have lilacism and love it, kind of resembles main squeeze... Lovely blog!

    <3 Alison

  5. You have to post a picture of you wearing Mint Candy Apple. It's one of my favourite colors that were always gone from the store. Now I ordered the whole Fall Collection to make up for it. ;) Not that I'm addicted too, nooooo....

  6. bermuda shorts! They have the silliest names but the BEST colors ever. I'm totally going to have to get a couple of those colors (bermuda shorts first though...I'm loving the purple-highlighter color to it). Not much is better in what could be a drab fall/winter than an unexpected nail color



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