six ways II

six ways to relax. life's stressful, and sometimes you just need to slow down and pay a little attention to yourself.

1. soak in a bubble bath. it'll be extra calming if you have a lovely scented bubble bath and some candles beside the tub.

2. drink some warm milk. heat it up on the stove or in the microwave and add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla for an instantly relaxing drink. (this picture shows what i'm guessing is strawberry milk, but it was the only cute picture of milk in a mug that i could find haha)

3. put on some yummy smelling perfume (my favorite is Coco Mademoiselle) or some yummy lotion.

4. put on some soothing music (or a sound machine).

5. put on your favorite comfy pajamas. they can be cute. but they absolutely have to be comfy!

6. snuggle some cats! if you don't have cats, dogs will do. and if you don't have dogs any other animal will do. and if you don't have any animals at all bring out your old teddy bear and snuggle that! =]

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  1. I love this post ... just what I need to do ... RELAX!! XO

  2. love your blog, it's full of beautiful photos and words...I really like it here :)


  3. Great relaxing post!
    There is something about relaxing today, everywhere I look I see relaxing things!
    Off to soak in a bubble bath!



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