oh dear

oh man, if i could only count the number of times i felt this way...
poster is by Timothy Buckwalter and i found out about this gem via the lovely sfgirlbybay.


  1. ha ha ha I love this! I think I feel that every night... there's always something I've missed but it's just gotta wait til tomorrow....


    P.S. Make sure you enter my Argentine Shoe GIVEAWAY!

  2. Do you ever day dream about about the more awesome and great things that could happen to you? Do you ever talk alone whishing lots of cool stuff that make you smile even if its just in your head? Do you have desires that might sound silly if spoken out loud but they feel so comforting when you think about it? What about sharing them? For with you can use the wishes box. (totally anonymous if you want)


  3. I share this sentiment too!

  4. My husband's version would be: "I would do that for you, but I've already taken my shoes off for the night..." haha! :)

  5. this is so great, i use this excuse way too often!



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