aren't these items from the friedamaria shop absolutely amazing? i first saw the shop on design is mine and seriously fell in love! the textures, oh the textures. i'm a big sucker for textures haha. and design! and anything mixed media, really. so this store is a dream for me! just looking at the way they photograph their items. it's so creative! sometimes the amount of creativity that is in this world really blows me away. does that ever happen to you?

ps- i'm really sorry if my posting/replying to comments gets more sporadic in the near future. i just had a huge event happen in my life and it's going to take me a while to recover from it. i just need some me time. but i'll post as much as i can! =]


  1. oh my gooosh. these are all soo amazing. love your blog!


  2. Oh those frilly knickers are so cute!

    Hope everything is OK. Take care!


  3. Ah, so great, and those frilly undies are the cutest.

    I totally understand how life events can throw a wrench in things. Take your time and be sure to pamper yourself. Looks like you've got the right idea in your previous post with a nice bath and warm milk. Take care!

  4. love the frilly knickers!

    thinking about you and hope everything is okay. sorry for the rough events that are happening. i hope everything gets better soon.

  5. Lovely images :)

  6. Great picks!

    I'm having a fine art giveaway of one of my photographs at the end of the month and would love you to drop by my blog to enter, if you'd like :)



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