fp for your pc

or Mac (yay!) but PC worked better with the title ;] (also, PC stands for Personal Computer...and isn't that what a Mac is? hmm. i'm sure it explains it on the Wiki page, but i was lazy and didn't read it all haha) anyhoo i'm getting off track. here are some lovely Free People wallpaper downloads for your computer! (click to enlarge)

visit their flickr page for more downloads.

the images are fairly small (even when downloaded at their largest) so if they don't fit on your desktop you might be able to do something else fun with them, like make cards or stationary! i love the march calendar. it barely fits on my 13" screen, but it works! =]

ps- i arrived home safe from my trip. on the plane ride i read this book about perfumes. it's a great read, i highly recommend it!


  1. i jusssst got a shirt from them!!

  2. I Looove all those feathers! I've always wondered my it's called a PC when a Mac is a personal computer, too, but I'm not interested enough to read about it, so I'll just continue through life not understanding!

  3. Oooh lala, these are so pretty.

    And a book about perfumes? Sounds interesting. I am going to go check out that link.

  4. these are so pretty. :)



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