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today i'm heading off to Nashville, TN to visit my lovely Lou and some of the other friends i left behind when my family and i moved to Portland. i'm probably going to be forced to model for Lou in some mildly illegal location (scaffolds and dumpsters, anyone?) at least once, and i'll definitely be indulging in some sweet iced tea. i'm super stoked as this is my first "official" vacation of the year and i love to travel (although i always manage to get sick before/during any trip i take). i don't necessarily love flying, but here are some of favorite things about it.

1. nothing beats the view from a tiny airplane window.

2. those little bags of airplane peanuts (and pretzels, but mainly peanuts).

3. getting to watch all the different types of people going to the same location.

4. can you say vintage suitcases?

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anyhoodles, since i'll be in Nashville chillin' like a villain, my blog posts will probably be sporadic. who knows, maybe i'll have a whole bunch of downtime...but knowing Lou, she will probably be whisking me off to buy wigs and masks and make strawberry tarts. i'll try and document as many of our adventures as i can. except for the super secret ones. if i told you about those i'd have to kill you. standard procedure. ;]

(update: i wrote this post ahead of time [you never know what you’ll have time for when you travel!] and just wanted to do an update. did you know that airplanes apparently have wi-fi? what?! maybe most of you did, but i thought it was kind of cool. until i saw that it was 13 bucks for a three and a half hour flight. i totally should’ve gotten it though, because this is what i’m resorting to, typing out my update in Word because now i’m on the plane that doesn’t have internet. haha. ah well. i’m up in the air and about an hour out of Nashville, getting in the mood by listening to Nashvillian [okay so i made up that word…] Ke$ha and typing way too much about nothing. anyhoo, my ears are popping and the drink cart is coming around, so bye for now dears!)

ps-i made it to Lou's!



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