nashville: day 4

this is our last day in Nashville. tomorrow we have to wake up at 3:30 to make it to the airport on time (sounds like fun, right? haha). i forgot to take a lot of pictures today, but i didn't really do much. i went to the Green Hills Mall and got a yummy lipstick at Sephora. it's called Fast Ride and its by NARS, which is probably one of my favorite makeup brands for lippy. it's one of their sheer lippys, so it's much more sheer than it looks in the tube. it kind of makes you look like you've just eaten a lot of berries when it's on (but a little more uniform, and it doesn't turn your tongue the same color...) and it reminds me of spring and summer, so it instantly appealed to me. i fall in love with makeup colors and certain makeup brands and products. do you?
some makeup shades and products that i'm addicted to (minus my new love with Fast Ride):

-Chantecaille blush in Mood (it's the perfect color for someone with really cool and pale skin)
-ZuZu Luxe liquid foundation in L-3 (it's not drying at all, but it goes on without any shine)
-NARS lipstick in Red Lizard (it's my favorite bright red matte lipstick)
-Origins mascara in Full Story (it's a great lightweight mascara that isn't very dramatic)
-Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in Nude (your eye makeup won't budge a bit. it's magic!)
-Urban Decay eyeliner pencils in every single color they have (i'm a bit of an Urban Decay fanatic, but this eyeliner is amazing, it really is. wear it with the eyeshadow primer and it'll last through anything. it stays on brilliantly alone, too)
-Mineral Fusion lipgloss in Polished (the gooiest and shiniest clear lipgloss i've found yet. it stays on really well and is very sticky, which is something i love in a lipgloss)
-Bobbi Brown loose powder in Pale Yellow (this stuff is amazing. it's very sheer and goes on smoothly)

so what are your favorite makeup products? i'd love to know.

ps- new poll on Chanel No. 5 perfume! scroll down! =]


  1. I'm thinking you broke the bank lee-nizzle. Geez! Why didn't you guys stay longer????

  2. i love hearing about all your nashville adventures!! i recognize all the places! ha. PANGEA IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! i usually go to pancake pantry and then pangea for the best day ever!

  3. just found this blog, im feelin' im feelin'

  4. Gena - i only bought the lippy. the rest i already had =]

    Chelsea - isn't it amazing?? we went to Provence, not Pancake Pantry though. =P

    dv - thank you!



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