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this looks like so much fun! imagine how amazing it would look once it was filled up with words and funky doodles. i found the link via woolgathering & miscellany, a wonderfully kooky blog that brightened up my day as soon as i stumbled across it...which was actually only like three days ago. anyhoo, if you're not easily offended (and a kooky person yourself) you should definitely check it out. =]

ps- giveaway!


  1. Thanks for visiting Showers of Sunflowers! What a cool notebook! ;)

  2. That is too kooky & adorable!
    : )

    I can imagine I would have delighted in having something like that as a teenager. If only computers had advanced twenty years faster... or, I need a time machine.

  3. wow this definitely rocks!!

    Oh! I have recently started a film project!! you can participate too if you want to :)


    have a lovely week!!!


  4. hello, dollface. thanks for the link & nice words! hope you'll visit often.




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