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the ravishing Barbara from hello, i'm nice has just started a new blog! it's called hello, i'm analog and is a collaborative project about capturing everyday moments on film. so far there are only a few submissions (as the blog is still a very wee baby), but i'm one of them! since i don't have any film cameras available to me (save my mum's old SLR that i'm now feeling the urge to break out and practice using for something a little different than my beloved dSLR that i tote around everywhere) i sent in a photo from that time i bought a couple of disposable cameras. needless to say, it's not the best picture, but there is something so inherently magical about film that pixelated images just won't ever be able to replace.

ps- don't forget that you can submit a photograph of your own. it feels wonderful getting to share a snippet of your life with others. and if you do submit a photograph, i would love to know so that i can look out for it! =]

(photo by Barbara Franco)


  1. oh my goodness HOW AWESOME!!!
    that really is way too cool!
    i love the blog.. and i love your photo! so much yarn!

  2. ooo fantastic. i shoot film everyday, so perhaps i'll make a submission!

  3. oh oh oh! this sounds most excellent! will definitely be checking this out :)

  4. Lena!! I'm so glad you took part on this little project :)

    i agree with you, there's something magical about film that digital will never have!
    so whenever you want to send another pic again i'll be more than happy :)

    have a lovely week!!!


  5. I saw your photo on Hello I'm Analog. This is such an impressive shot from a disposable camera. Goes to show that creating interesting images is more about the person than the gear.

    You definitely should play around with your mother's old SLR. My mother-in-law gave me hers a few months ago and now I've morphed into a certified film geek and my DSLR is gathering dust.

  6. Her blog is fantastic, isn't it :)

  7. The pattern of that skirt looks so lovely! The project has such an interesting concept as well.

  8. awesome thanks for this link - i lovee analog! maybe i will submit something too :]




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