blackberry campground

i just got back from camping yesterday, and other than a badly infected toe from not wearing water shoes in the river (i know, i know, "eww" and "what were you thinking?") things went quite smoothly. i'm glad to be back but i'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of photos i have to edit (this is just a random collection of photos that i've actually manages to get around to working on). do any of you ever have that problem? for as many photos as i get finished there seem to be twice as many for me to edit!

anyway, there are some photos that need explaining so i'll go down the list.
number 2: this is the result of my banged up toe. i went crawfishing (crawfish fishing?) with my father and caught about three dozen of these fellas.
number 4 & 5: i found some lovely "pigment" rocks down by the river and made some fun face paint with them.
number 7: my mother created a cute little shrine in a nook in a tree next to our tent.
number 8: haha after i went crawfishing i had fallen in the river so many times that i was soaked through. my mother had the lovely idea of hanging up my undies in the wooded area right by the trail heading down to the river...
number 11: i don't know these kids, but isn't the water pretty?
number 12: the inside my the tent my mum and i shared. we had an adorable little candle lantern hanging from the top, and a rug between our sleeping bags. it was quite cosy!
number 13: one of the many photographs my mother insisted on me taking of her on a hike we took.
number 14: the most shy little slug i've ever seen! and doesn't he look like a little hedgehog?
number 15: my mother also insisted on posing me in an array of awkward but semi-adorable poses for her to photograph me in. isn't family the best? ♥


  1. Looks like you have the funnest family ever! haha These pictures are quite superb and I love the bra hanging from the tree. Adorable.

  2. I love the bright colors in the second and the fourth one.

  3. wow! I love your photos, simply beautiful ♥

  4. ah this is so great!!
    the pictures are incredible!
    i love the one with the sun streaming in through the trees!

  5. looks like a wonderful time!
    love the red hair : )

  6. these photos have such perfectly gorgeous crisp lighting! i love the crawfish and the playing in the river ones especially, but they are all beautiful.

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time :)
    i'm always overhelmed too when i return from a trip with a million pics to edit!!!




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