disposable camera part 1

i finally got around to scanning my photos from Lilith Fair. i wasn't allowed to bring my DSLR inside, so i bought a couple of disposable cameras instead. i ended up only filling one of them and i just brought the other to the store to get developed (the photos on that one should be more interesting, as i let a two year old play around with the camera a bit) and i'll post the photos from the second camera hopefully tomorrow.
anyhoo, the photos didn't come out all that great, but i still kind of like them. i decided not to edit them, i just let them be imperfect. oh! and my dad took all of the ones that i'm in.

heh. playing around with the camera when i first got it...forgetting the fixed focal length and misusing the flash. oh well. you live, you learn. =]

okay now the rest is at Lilith Fair! that concert made me so incredibly happy. all of those wonderful female musicians playing together in one big celebration of womanhood....it was perfect. (and i got to see A Fine Frenzy. highlight of the show, most definitely!)

part two to come soon! ♥


  1. i LOVE your hair so much! it is a adorable
    xxx bee

  2. I wish I was there! Looks like a great day.

  3. Looks like an amazing time! i bet lilith fair is fantastic!

  4. Super cool! I love your photos :)
    Have a nice weekend dear!

  5. i am a huge fan of disposable cameras!

    some of my best pics were taken on a disposable.... and some of yours are too :)




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