etsy color: blue

blue is such a calm color. it reminds me of the sky and the ocean...two big beautiful things that we take for granted on a daily basis. i've never been particularly attracted to blue as a color, i love it but it's never been a favorite of mine, yet somehow it still makes me feel grounded. it seems to pick up all the calming energy inside of me and bring it to the surface, much like the tide does with sand and shells. thinking about blue gets my imagination wandering...drifting off into it's own little land. and that's a good thing, because sometimes a little mellow daydreaming is exactly what we need in this crazy hectic world of ours.


  1. Lovely although these days I don´t take the ocean for granted anymore.
    I wish I could be out there saving it:)

  2. love that color...I think i found a new favorite :)
    love your blog!!

  3. I'm thinking of painting my room a really deep blue. Actually, every bedroom I've ever lived in, I've painted some shade of blue, or has been blue to start with. I never really realised that before!



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