new orleans

i spent yesterday in New Orleans and it was amazing! i'll be back there before i fly home, and i really hope i can get around and sightsee a bit more since we had to drive to Pensacola yesterday as well. my posting is going to be sporadic at best due to lack of easy wi-fi access, and i won't be able to peruse all of your lovely blogs (which makes me sincerely sad, because it's one of my favorite pastimes) for about a week. sigh.
okay, that's enough whining/complaining for me. back to New Orleans! my mum and i stayed at a hotel that is super posh but i was far from pleased with the room we were in...so i broke their little stresser ball in half (heh, revenge is so sweet, even in small doses).

the next morning (yesterday) we went to Cafe du Monde and had amaaaazing beignets and coffee. i'd had beignets when i was younger, but man, i'd forgotten just how perfect they are.

believe me when i say it pays to have a mother who lived in New Orleans for part of her life and super close to it for an even bigger chunk of her life. even though i felt like a total tourist stopping and taking photos every two seconds, my mum navigated me around the city quite nicely and proved to be an excellent tour guide. we stopped in gift shops...

and walked around while i took photos of all the beautiful buildings and sights i saw.

i also got a few shots of the Joan of Arc statue, given to New Orleans by the people of France. she's called the Maid of New Orleans (or something along those lines).

so there you go, that was my 1/2 day in New Orleans. i miss it already, although i'm hoping to have some fun in Florida, too. i'll blog as much as i can, and it will probably be mostly (if not all) posts about my trip, so i'm sorry about that. 
i hope you all are having a wonderful week! =]


  1. new orleans looks amazing! it's on my list of places that i simply must visit. i love your photos. those beignets look rather yummy!

    love from amelia of La Ville Inconnue.

  2. Amazing buildings! Great pictures.

  3. It's nice to see that the French Quarter's still lovely-looking (I love the iron railings, etc.), and your beignet treats seem delicious!



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