i am not a big sandal girl. i mean, i like them and i'll wear them, but i am practically attached at the hip to my low top converse and doc martens. needless to say i kind of came across a dilemma while packing (okay, so i'm stiiiill packing...) for a trip to Florida that i'm taking tomorrow. sandals! i'm gonna need sandals! and the cute kind, not my ugly (but oh so comfortable) brown slaps. so i searched and searched for a cute pair of sandals but couldn't find any. i'm way too picky for my own good, by the way. then i just happened to be in Whole Foods and i saw a rack of TOMS. they were canvas (breathable) and they were awesome. it helped that i already knew the story behind the brand, how for every pair of TOMS you purchase, TOMS will donate a brand new pair to a child in need. so now i'm happy with my new "sandals" and i got them in bright red to match my hair, so that makes me twice as happy. looking on the TOMS website, you can buy the classic kind (like i have) or a different style. they're really branching out! i think it's amazing. here are some of my favorite styles/colors. you should check them out if you haven't already ;]

ps- because i'll be traveling tomorrow and packing today i don't know how much time i'll have to blog. hopefully i'll be able to squeeze some time in, but it might end up being me just spamming you lovely folk with photos from my vacation. i guess we'll see. hehe


  1. I pretty much love all of these. Hope you have a very lovely weekend! xo

  2. I have the ones in the middle left (off-white with brown leather). They're perfect, and I love wearing them.



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