i've been tagged by the wonderful Trishie of Under Lock and Key to describe myself by answering questions in threes. so here goes!

three names i go by:
Leeloo (there's not much you can do with the name Lena...)

three jobs i've had (note: being a teenager makes my job experience rather limited):
babysitting (i love little kids!)
photographer (okay so i don't actually get paid for this yet, but i'm getting my photos out there!)
childcare for my church (once again with the loving kids)
ps- i sold a painting once...does that count?

three places i've lived:
Nashville, TN
Lebanon, TN (small small small town)
Portland, OR

three favourite drinks:
tea (any kind!)
iced latte
homemade lemonade

three television shows i watch:
House (i'm such a huge Hugh Laurie fan)
In Plain Sight

three places i've been:
The Bahamas

three places i'd like to visit:

three favourite old tv shows:
Honey West (okay, so this is the only one that really counts as "old")

three favourite dishes:
sushi (any type)
goat cheese soufflé
vegan peanut sauce over noodles

three makeup products i cannot live without (also, refer to this post):
concealer (i just use foundation because my skin is so pale)

three things i'm looking forward to:
my birthday! (it's next month!)
wearing spring dresses
going to Florida to visit family in June

people i'm tagging:


and on another note...i received an award from the lovely Paige from Camptown Vintage! thank you, Paige!

i'm supposed to nominate 15 other people...but i'm just going to put a random selection of blogs that are on my daily read list. =]


  1. Coool! Thanks for the tag.
    By the way, your favourite dishes are WHACK! Have you not ever heard of pizza, or tacos, or burgers, or normal stuff? Haha. :)

    P.s. blush is such a good idea! That way I could hide my REAL blushing! (I blush a lot) I've never got around to buy that.

    I'll probably do this also before I go to bed. :D

    Dori the small girl.

  2. You have been in Germany?! In which cities have you been? Did you like it? And something, what I have wanted to know since I read your blog: In which church do you go to? I´m also a member of a great church in Germany.

  3. haha I wear foundation for the opposite reason! my skin is too pink sometimes! If I go into a slightly hot room I look like a berry xxx

  4. ah, i love all of your nicknames. lena is such a beautiful name.

    there's not much you can do with "amy" that's anything interesting... ames, ame, amers. boring.

    p.s... i love in plain sight too. should be starting soon or has it already?

  5. betsi- i've really only been to bavaria (that's where my family lives)...so places like Munchen and Wurztberg and the like =] also, the church i go it is a very small liberal church right outside of Portland

    amy- thank you! and i think Amy is a lovely name! also, season 3 of In Plain Sight has already started...it started March 31st =] i think all the episodes are on Hulu, but i'm not quite sure.

  6. I just love your lovely blog! SO fun!

  7. You watch In Plain Sight now!?!? I'm so excited!! Also, now that you've come out of the closet can I call you Lena on these or do you want to keep it simple with Lulu. I always have to go back through my comments and retype your name cause I forget to say Lulu ;)

  8. ive been watching it since YOU told me about it, silly! =] and you can call me whatever haha i just had to come out of the closet with that one ;]



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