etsy: chatham girl

i'm not much of a hat person (although i love a good fedora) but i'm drooling over the wonderful headwear at Chatham Girl. those bows are so splendid and The Utterly Unique Little Dear Hat just takes my breath away and melts my heart. i also really love the way some of the hats and headpieces are displayed on the model (i think the model might actually be Zara, the lady behind the hats) with that stunning red hair as a backdrop. but i'm a little biased on the whole red hair thing. regardless, check out the stuff in this shop. you'll be daydreaming about places to wear these fancy creations in a heartbeat!


  1. aha so inventive! Loving the nautical inspired ones. Still so smitten over that trend! xo

  2. fantastoc<3<3<3
    very nice blog!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me !!!
    xoxo francesca

  3. l-o-v-e the feathers! don;t think i could pull it off in a million years though!
    ps. your blog is lovely! i just it it but i'll be back.

  4. These are simply fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. So unusual! I love the photography, it's lovely :)

  6. my email is bohodan@aol.com

    give me your email so i can send you my address dear.

  7. thank you for opening up this wonderful and glorious world of kooky hats to me.

  8. oh my goodness! i love hats. thank you for letting me into this lovely world!

  9. OMG the sailor hat is fantastic! xx



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