new camera

i got this amazing new camera and i've been trying to use it as much as i can (which means lots of pictures of my cats and my mum...and a few of the kids where my mum works) even though i've only had it for a few days and i don't quite know what all the buttons do yet haha. photography is really new to me. i got into it once i started blogging and i'm super glad that i did! it's such a fun creative outlet. i love trying new art forms (although usually i'm stuck in the land of acrylic paintings) and learning new things. and even if i don't delve any deeper into photography, well, it's definitely something i can carry with me later on in life. like when i'm taking pictures of my grandkids. or, if i don't have children, my many many cats...

ps- you can see more of my photos (most of them were taken with my old camera, though) on my Flickr account.


  1. I really like the black and white photos! I must agree on it being a great outlet!


  2. Your cats are the sweetest! Have fun with the camera. Who knows where experimenting will take you :) xxx

  3. oh my goodness these are incredible!
    it makes me want to go buy this camera {you know with all the money i have laying around.. haha}
    the cat photos are too adorable!

  4. You've been tagged!! :) http://www.dorithegiant.com/2010/03/bag-tag-bag.html
    Participate if you'd like! ♥

  5. that's so sweet! i did a bag post a while back, though....the contents have really stayed the same. heh. here's the link!


    and thanks guys for all the encouraging words! photography is kind of intimidating to me, and it's nice to know i'll have some bloggy support from all you lovely people. =]

  6. what beautiful cats! That top one looks just like my Oya. It must be a really good camera because those photos look great! I like your blog.

  7. That is a VERY nice camera, indeed. I "know" a guy on Flickr--whose photo work is amazing--he saved up for one and he loves it. Will check out your stream soon. Have fun with your new creative tool!

  8. I've been in the market for a new camera before my move. I think I may just stop by Pro Photo when I'm back in Portland for a weekend.



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