etsy: the black spot books

remember when i posted about this lovely necklace? i love it so much i figured another post about the designer's Etsy shop wouldn't hurt anyone. The Black Spot Books really is a wonderful shop. inside of it you'll find lots of book necklaces, photographs, jewelry that isn't made from little books, drawings, and more. of course i'm partial to the wee books and necklaces made with even tinier ones, but i also love the regular sized journals. the other items in the store are worth taking a look at, too. the photos are quite raw and personal, they draw you in. the metal cast jewelry has the same feel as the photos. actually, everything in the shop does. that amazing vintage feel is what makes the shop what it is: a great little place of curiosities. it's almost as if you would find the items from The Black Spot Books inside your great grandmother's antique chest all covered with dust and residing in the attic. the pieces are timeless and they tell a story. and in the case of the book necklaces, you're given room to write your own tale.

ps- you can watch a video about the process of making the books that are in the shop here.


  1. The last one, the book necklace - too cute! I've never seen jewelry like that before!
    Gee, thanks for turning me on to a new obsession, hah.

  2. Happy I found your blog : )

    I'm a new follower. Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.


  3. Girl, you have no idea how much i love great etsy finds. Thanks for sharing with us!!

    Hey, lovin' this blog. Love your posts!!

  4. Love that shop, just found it recently myself.

  5. etsy is quite the unexpected goldmine!


  6. Wowwww! Your blog is just wonderful! I don't have words! Have a beautiful and fine week! =)

  7. these pictures are all so wonderfully nostalgic! :)

  8. Ohhh lovely! You have exquisite taste, my dear! xo

  9. Oh, my. That shop looks great!!!



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