nashville: day 2 & 3

it feels like spring here! it's so wonderful!

day 2:

i watched our purses (mine's on the right, and yes that is a bitch magazine inside of it) while Lou got her hair done.

some of that yummy southern iced tea (though this one was fruit tea) i've been craving!

Lou after just having chased Ernee (the pug) around the house.

day 3:

Lou and i went to Pangaea on day 2, but i didn't take any pictures. my mum and i went out for lunch after church and went back in since the place we ate lunch at was right next door. i got Sam a present. =]

it's been my favorite store in Nashville for as long as i can remember. it's one of the things i missed (and still do!) the most when we moved.

isn't it so gorgeous and eclectic inside? everything's so colorful!

i thought my tights looked fun with my dress.

how stunning is this quilt on the bed that i'm sleeping in now? (i'm staying at my mum's friends house) she (being my mother's friend) said she was inspired my oceans and the beach and the way waves look washing up on the shore. it's one of the prettiest quilts i've ever seen.

i'm pretty proud of myself for remembering to take pictures! =]


  1. Is it sad that I didn't notice you were taking pictures?

  2. Amazing pics! Adorable looking pug, and awesome stair case :)

  3. I grew up in Tennessee...my parents make the sweetest tea ever! I swear it's 2 cups of sugar per pitcher. If you order sweet tea here (michigan) people look at you like your crazy!

  4. ah, i've always wanted to go to nashville...and now i want to go even more! great pics!



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