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i never really saw that many tattoos around until i moved to Portland. i've seen beautiful ones, harsh ones, delicate ones, simple ones, meaningful ones, and creative ones. it's so interesting to me to find out what people like permanently inked on their skin. it's such a personal thing, but it's also very public, because (unless it's well hidden) people are going to see it on a daily basis. i myself hope to get a tattoo of three paper cranes eventually. i could only find a link to one about what the significance of a thousand paper cranes is, but to me individual paper cranes symbolize peace. do you have a tattoo? do you want one? do you just like to look at them from a distance? i've assembled some pictures of tattoos that i think are very worth looking at. even if you aren't partial to tattoos, or don't like them, you can appreciate the work that goes into this old old art form. that just happens to be on our skin.

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  1. ...beautiful tattoos! I've been thinking of getting another tattoo, my first hidden at the bikini line, and it takes a lot of thought to pick just the perfect piece of art to place on your body... thanks for the inspiration!

  2. i couldn't possibly decide... i change style's weekly :(

    i have always admired tattoos though and am always spun out by the technique and skill involved. i would love to give it a go but wouldnt want the responsibility of permanently marking someone's skin!

    i recently stayed @ a hotel and discovered Miami and LA Ink on their pay tv channels... (it isn't on aussie free channels) .... wow hahaha just a tiny bit addicted!!!!!

    i love the 3rd, 4th and 6th pics :)

  3. I have 11 tattoos, and and slowly accumulating more (yes im only 20!!) To me tattoo is a form of artistic expression, much like that of fashion or painting or anything else in the artistic world. To me, my body is the perfect canvas to tell me story.

    I think the best part about my tattoos is that I look at them and can remember the exact time, place and feeling I had when I got them, there is nothing like remembering the reasons behind your tattoos when you look at them. Even if it was 'just for fun' they tell your story, and its exciting.

  4. just don't get a tattoo and spell it incorrectly. someone i know (me) might have done that (oops!) and it might be really embarrassing. talk about regret.

  5. I love tattoo! love them... all the ones you posted are beautiful! I really like the paper air plane one!



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