sock dreams

i just might have to buy some new socks (it's not like i need any, though). i have a mad addiction to anything hosiery related...tights, socks, thigh-highs, you name it. these are some of my favorites from Sock Dreams. oh yes. i am dreaming of socks, indeed!

Sock It To Me Sushi Crew in Pink w/ Green; Fishnet Anklet with Lace Tie-Ups in White; O Basics in Gold; Ozelot OTKs in Rust;  Fast Lane OTKs in Black/White; Socklings in Moss; SITM Cherry Blossom Knee Highs in Light Blue; Cotton Lace Anklets in Black; Cronert Norway Diamond OTKs in Violet


  1. It's as though you read my mind. I just got home from vacation and had this little feeling inside...it said "you need some cute socks!" Thank you for the inspirational montage!!

  2. So sweet! I love the yellow ones on the top row. Sock Dreams is such a great site! Thanks xx

  3. Wow I love the black lace and the yellow knee socks! The sushi ones are so very you though.

    I have these socks: http://www.partycity.com/product/costumes+and+accesories/hosiery%2C+leggings/anklet+socks+with+red+bow+adult.do?sortby=bestSellers

    That are actually costume socks, but I never wear them. I don't know if thats even in the realm of something you'd like, but you could definitely make them work! Do you want me to send you them?

    You could probably take off the bows and dye them a different color or something if they are too cartoony.



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