i've been looking at so many shoes lately. i don't know why i've been in such a shoe mood, but i figured if i gathered some images together that might get it out of my system. it didn't work. in fact, it kinda made things worse. so many gorgeous shoes! maybe i just need to cave and go shoe shopping...

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  1. Gorgeous images! I don't think I could get over my shoe love :)

  2. oh, these shoes are all so pretty!

  3. i have never been obsessed with shoes. i think it is because im tall so i automatically think heels are no go. but for some strange reason i am all of the sudden finding myself LOVING shoes!.... still not a confident heel wearer but i live in hope.

    ps: i found these cuties last night (liebling-shoes.blogspot.com) cant remember where i found the link but thought you might like!!

  4. oh wow those shoes are adorable! i'm loving the red and the gray and the shape of the heel. so cute!!!! thank you for sharing that =]

  5. mmm! i am lusting! love the shoes in the fridge!

  6. awwwww these are gorgeous!! I can never have enough shoes... I have a few pairs that I haven't even worn them out yet, but still looking for more... always! :)

  7. Wow these are all gorgeous. And guess what! I have been totally planning to buy the floral second ones down. So I do they can be the travelling pair of shoes and I'll send them to you to use.

    PS- We are all over the place about March so now its between Vancouver, NY, DC, and PORTLAND!!!



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