six ways IV

six ways to feel beautiful (i know all of you are gorgeous people, but at times one can just feel kind of...bleh...)

1. get plenty of sleep. the more rested you are, the better you'll feel about yourself.

2. make your own little spa. do a face mask, slather on body cream, and groom your nails. personally, if i put fresh polish on my nails i feel a million times more put together.

3. eat healthy food. it's true...you are what you eat. i notice that i feel bloated and lazy after stuffing myself with food that isn't all that great for me.

4. play with your hair! try something new, something different. it can be a drastic change (a dye or haircut) or a mild one (perhaps styling it in a way that's totally new for you).

5. exercise. i don't jog or go to the gym, but i love doing yoga. do something you feel comfortable doing, just as long as it gets you moving and more in tune with yourself.

6. dress in an outfit that you feel like yourself in; whether it's a little black dress, jeans and a t-shirt, footie pajamas, or a tutu. wearing something that lifts your mood is the most important part of getting dressed! =]

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  1. Your blog has been so fantastic lately. THANK YOU! I painted my nails tonight and it felt great.

  2. I really enjoyed the pics that go along with your ideas!

  3. These are great suggestions - I need to work on the working out one much more!

  4. i really do agree.
    they're lovely :)

    your blog is so wonderful!

  5. This is such a sweet post. In the 'nice' sense of the word, and in the 'schweet' sense. haha



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