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what's cooler than fashion that supports an awesome cause? not much, that's what. Satara helps underprivileged women in India make a start with their lives. these women are seamstresses, mothers, sisters, daughters, entrepreneurs, but most importantly inspiration. each woman's story is so inspiring, you can read the various stories here.

as the foundation aptly states: "Satara represents women for women, education for education, dreams for dreams."

i also enjoyed this paragraph on the site, it's the perfect summary of what they stand for.
"Satara strives for the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, most notably the eradication of poverty, the promotion of gender equality, and the establishment of global partnerships for development. Our specific path to this destination is in bringing together cutting-edge Western fashion design with the empowerment of talented but underprivileged women in developing regions."

what's even better is that the clothing is something i was drawn to before i even knew about the cause behind it. the soft color palette and dream-like essence the clothing gives off makes for an ethereal sort of effect. i adore it!


  1. That's a lovely story! Thanks for sharing it dear! I love the style too :)
    Boho Market Blog

  2. Awesome! I really love the pants and I really loved your comment! Thanks a bundle:)

  3. Love all the shapes, and the cause. That's why I have two FEED bags. You get something awesome and you help people. Win/win!

  4. that's such an amazing story, and definitely a good cause.

  5. Oh how wonderful! I love when things exist to help and not to just exist. And I see that you are in Portland! I love that city and hope to visit really soon. I bet it's gorgeous in the Fall!

  6. I love the green pants and what a great cause!



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