room candy

one: doesn't this just look cosy? two: as if i could ever be elegant enough to sit and get ready at a "dressing table".

one: brilliant! brilliant brilliant. click through to see how it looks in a room. it's magical! two: my books are dying to be put on this gorgeous bookshelf. it even has cute little drawers!

one: this rug is simple gorgeous. two: a postcard rug? this was made for me. yup. i think they should send me one just because i was obviously the inspiration.

one: ah haha this is ingenious. and it's colorful! i love the design. two: *droooool*

one: still totally in love with this. two: do i have to explain this? if you don't like spelling things on your wall with fun moveable letters, i don't know why you bother reading this blog. ;]

so, since i officially live in an attic (a mighty fine one, i must add) and the walls are super short and annoying (but oh so beautiful) all i've been thinking about are various ways of storing things and decorating rooms. Anthropologie is one of my favorite sources of inspiration when it comes to home decor (as is evidence in this here post. by the way, my bestie Lou totally bought me that mug. i know, she's the greatest.) so i've compiled a little wishlist of things i greatly wish were in my room.

ps- half these things wouldn't even fit into my room! oh well. i guess that makes not being able to afford them less depressing, right?

pps- remember this post? Lou also bought me the Sweet Dreams banner for my new room. i plan on putting it right above my window seat. perfect for those midday naps i love so much. ♥


  1. beautiful post. i want everything on this page!

  2. Love the first and third, they would both fit perfectly in my apartment :)

  3. Love the chair in the first picture. And the frames.

  4. love the bookcase! your bestie knows you well too :)


  5. those are really lovely I love the first two and the bookcase

  6. hey, thanks for the comment :)
    and everything on this post is just adorable, you have great taste! i'll be checking out the rest of your blog
    :) x



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