pounding flowers

today i helped host a summer workshop for kids with my mother. we learned how to pound petals and leaves into fabric by taping them in cool designs onto a sheet of plain muslin fabric, flipping them over onto a clipboard and paper, putting the clipboard on the ground, and hammering until the pigments in the leaves and petals started to show through the fabric we were pounding. i was awestruck as i didn't really know what was going to be happening in the class until i started doing it along with the kids, and i plan on doing this crafty project again and again at home. you have to hammer pretty darn hard for a little while so it's also a really great way to vent frustration. ;]

i found a few tutorials on the internet:
tutorial one
tutorial two
tutorial three
(note: i didn't use any of these tutorials, but they all look pretty similar to what i did. i'm hoping these get the picture across, because it's quite hard to explain exactly how to "pound flowers into fabric")

ps- what do you think, should i attempt to write my own tutorial for this craft one of these days?


  1. yeah definitely!
    it looks really pretty and is original!


  2. Wow! I've never heard of that one! (and I'm a former girl scout, craft-DIY freak, AND a mom!)

  3. Your eye for layout is pretty awesome, Lulu!

  4. I love that idea, so simple. I've been finding little flowers to press in my notebook lately. I'll have to try this!



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