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okay, so i fiiinally got around to editing the last photos i have on my computer of my New Orleans trip, and there's quite a few of them so i'm going to insert a jump break. i know i know, i keep spamming y'all with my photos, but these are the last ones from my trip. i promise. ;]

starting the photo tour...i bring you the (supposedly) famous cornstalk fence! my mum told me that i "simply had to take a photo of the fence" so here it is!

another stop that was one of my mother's picks was Hove Parfumeur. it's a really old perfumery and is absolutely a gorgeous piece of history.

after the perfume shop we went into a crazy photogenic witchcraft shop. all the hand written labels and bottles and trinkets got me drooling over the photo possibilities. (plus, it smelled great. like homey incense and herbs.)

we did lots of walking around (quite obviously) and i took a bunch of random photos of random places. it was raining for practically the entire day, and most of the photos you see here i took within about a two hour window when it was dry.

we also went into an cute bookstore (and managed to bring a whole suitcase full of books back with us...) and this last picture is of the sweet dog that came up to greet us as we walked through the door.

anyway, that just about sums up our trip to New Orleans! i miss it already, i've been craving beignets since i got home. hopefully i'll get to go back soon. =]


  1. those photos are really nice ^^

  2. Looks like an amazing trip. Great blog!

  3. aw that green always reminds me of Amelie :)



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