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i'm so sorry i've been such an awful blogger lately, but i've just been so busy visiting family and getting some much needed sunshine on my super pale self. also, some exciting news...i got to take photos for my uncle's tie dye business, Eye Dye. my cousins and i went to a water park for the shoot and the photographer canceled at the last minute so i got to take over and some of my photos will be featured in the catalog! kind of random news to all of you but i'm really starting to think about becoming a professional photographer one day...and all these little steps are adding up nicely.

back to the actual subject of this post. i played around with my tripod and remote for the first time on my trip a couple of days ago, and these pictures are the result. it was exhausting, i must've jumped up and down the dock (that i had set my tripod up on, second photo down) a million times. but i'm quite pleased with how they turned out!

ps- i'm leaving for New Orleans on Monday and then i'll be home on Wednesday! so by Thursday i'll be back to my normal blogger self. i forget how much i enjoy blogging. it's nice to take a break from it every now and then, but you all provide so much support for me and so much breathtaking inspiration, it really is food for my soul. thank you! =]


  1. so beautiful! seriously. i'm smitten!

    xo Alison

  2. those are so beautiful and eerie in a way, I like it!

  3. ah that is too cool!
    and brave to lay in the water! hahaha.

  4. I am glad you played around! These are fabulous!
    Have a great evening Lulu!



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