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color is such an important part of my life (which you probably know if you've been reading my blog for, well, any length of time). color in fashion has always been one of the simplest ways for me to express my love for all things bright and beautiful. shoes and accessories are sometimes the easiest way to throw on a splash of whatever color you're feeling like at the moment. that being said...sometimes shoes themselves are a wardrobe of brilliantly gorgeous colors. Chie Mihara manages to create absolutely stunning shoes that are just as good to your feet as they are to your eyes. Ms. Mihara worked at an orthopedic shoe store, where she learned all about foot anatomy and common foot problems. she uses this knowledge to create shoes that are specifically designed for a woman's foot. so in this case, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. and with all of the gorgeous detail put into each shoe and all of the wonderful color palettes, these shoes truly are a work of art.

ps- all of these photos are from the Spring Summer 2010 collection.

pps- watch this video of Chie Mihara talking about her shoe line. she brings up so many wonderful points about the shoe industry, and i always enjoy listening to the designers behind brands that i love. =]

ppps- last postscript, i promise! i just started a new tumblr. check it out =]


  1. I go crazy about them too. Nearly makes me go to Spain just for the shoe shopping:)

  2. I had no idea you lived in Portland ... I am headed there on a road trip in July ... do you have any cafes, restaurants, bookshops, shops or stores you can recommend?? Ha I just asked you for a thousand recommendations ... so excited you live there!! Much love! xo

  3. ohmygoodness there are so many awesome places here! definitely visit Powell's and if you like coffee, Stumptown Roasters has the BEST coffee in the city. there's a street for everything though, so i recommend visiting downtown (the Pearl District and the area around Powell's which i don't think is the Pearl District), Hawthorne Street (it's in the SE), Alberta Street (it's a really artsy street, and it's in the NE) and just doing a bunch of research online. there are about a million and one places to go! oh! there are also a bunch of gardens...there's the Chinese Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Rose Gardens, and The Grotto. those are the only ones i know of.
    have lots and lots of fun wandering around! =]

  4. those shoes are stinking AAWEEEESOME!
    and 3 cheers to your new tummblr!! i'm glad you are being open about it!

    i need those heels with the stars.. asap!

  5. thank you so much Chelsea! that means a lot! gotta be as open about it as i can. =]

    and umm yeah...haha i'm dying over those star heels and those blue ones!

  6. those are all so cute! I can't decide which are my favorite the green or the white.

  7. i love the bottom blue ones :)

  8. I love this brand too !
    I've got a pair of peep toes with a red velved mouth, just love them !

    See U !



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