t-shirts and questions

i wear t-shirts aaaaall the time. but i'm super picky about the ones i wear. i thought that i would post them on here in case any of you share my love for tees. if you have any suggestions or a favorite t-shirt brand (the softer the better!) let me know. i'm always on the lookout for that perfect shirt!

1. American Apparel Track Shirt - i love this t-shirt. it's soft and thin and...did i mention soft? i love all of AA's tees, but the Track Shirt has got to be one of my favorites as far as fit goes. it's not too tight and it's not shapeless. really, i can't rave about this shirt enough (or American Apparel for that matter). on a side note...looking at the website, i'm pretty sure i have the woman's version, but it might be the unisex one.

2. Target: Pocket V Neck - i don't know if they still sell this t-shirt (i know they used to market it as the Boyfriend Tee). i've had it in both white and heather grey and i love it. it's soft but not as thin as the other shirts listed here, so it doesn't drape very well. it's a great tee though. i love it.

3. Truly Madly Deeply Deep V Neck Tee - what can i say? i adore v necks. the deeper the better. it's probably one of the only times i show cleavage (kinda strange that it's when i wear a plain old t-shirt huh?) and i don't know why...but there's just something so addicting about a great deep v neck tee. and that's exactly what this is. it's also pretty long so you can sort of bunch it up at the bottom. and a big plus...it's very very soft.


oh! and i got tagged again! this time by the splendid Malou from Toasters and Kangaroos. i'm supposed to come up with a list of questions that i want other bloggers to answer and tag them...but i've been so lazy lately...so i'll just answer Malou's questions. little by little you guys are getting to know me better! ;]

Q. if you could go back in time, where would you go?
A. i would love to visit the sixties! also, the twenties...

Q. what's in your pockets right now?
A. my camera lens cap.

Q. who is your favorite person in the whole entire world?
A. oooh i don't have favorites. but i'm really close to my mother, so i guess i could say her?

Q. if you could be any age for a week, what age would you choose?
A. seven was a good age =]

Q. what's your favorite magazine?
A. BUST, hands down!

Q. are you superstitious?
A. not at all.

Q. favorite color and why?
A. i love them all! but my favorite color is plum, it makes me happy and it's a nice subdued color that gets overlooked a lot.

Q. favorite time of the year?
A. either spring or fall. they're both wonderful transitions. probably spring though...i adore all of the flowers.

Q. what's one adjective you would use to describe you?
A. oh wow that's a tough one. maybe indecisive? haha

Q. what fruit do you most resemble?
A. maybe a rambutan? or a kumquat?


  1. I absolutely hate T-shirts, unless the sleeves are really loose and comfortable, the shirt itself is loose (hate tight shirts), and there is a LOTTT of neck room.

    But yeah, if it doesn't qualify, it can buuurn!!

  2. Nice! I"m in the market for the perfect black Tshirt right now actually! It must be semisheer, you know that so thin and sooooo comfy style. Loose fitting and low neckline V or scoop, either way. Well now that I've been super specific, have any suggestions :)

  3. oh goodness...definitely just start looking around.

    American Apparel has this one: http://store.americanapparel.net/6456.html?cid=198

    Alternative Apparel (which is also an awesome brand) might have one that you like, too: http://www.alternativeapparel.com/shop/Listing.aspx?SKU=0.906456436452668&CategoryID=22&radColor=BK#All

    like i said before, if you start randomly looking place you're bound to find something eventually! =]

  4. Thanks for the advice on the t-shirts! I love oversized ones and also the ones from American apparel :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  5. absoLUTELY agree on the track shirt. i have the unisex black and its a dream.


  6. Australian brand BASSIKE do really cool tee's!
    http://www.bassike.com/ (click 'bassike essentials'!)

    They are probably a bit more $ than American Apparel but they instantly give you that effortlessly cool look because they are cut so well so i think its worth it! (And i'm the kinda person that would rather two really cool tee's than 20 cheap ones)

    The scoop V-Neck is my fav and after you reminding about tee's i think i need to go get a black one now.....




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