the grotto

yesterday i went to The Grotto with my mum. The Grotto is a Catholic shrine and botanical garden (although only a few flowers were blooming when we went, seeing as it's technically still winter) that's in Portland. whether or not you're Catholic (i'm not) it's a beautiful place for picture taking and relaxation. i learned a lot about Catholicism from my mum who grew up Catholic...which is kind of fitting as it was St. Patrick's Day. anyhoo, i had lots of fun taking pictures with my new camera and playing with lighting and bokeh. i can't wait until all the flowers are blooming! the various gardens that i like going to will be so pretty! i want spring to come. now, please!


  1. Your blog is absolutely lovely, and such wonderful pictures :)

  2. these pictures are INCREDIBLE!
    wow is all i can say!!

  3. you took such gorgeous photos on your outing!

  4. i love the pretty bokeh :)

  5. aw thank you SO much, everyone! =]

  6. this definitely make me want spring here NOW. :)
    these are lovely. gives me hope for spring to be here soon. :D

  7. I like your blog and love your pictures...

  8. Whether you're Catholic or not, you're moved by the beauty of this place.

  9. this looks so beautiful!
    i'd be so happy if i would visit today...
    but it's not exactly around the corner unfortunately.

    have a lovely weekend, dear.


  10. postcards are one of my favorite things and i think there should be more of them being sent around the world!

    i love the traveling gnome also - i need to track one down and take him with me on my future journeys.


  11. Great collection of photos. Love the abundance of color. Thanks for sharing.




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