tada's revolutions

just a few of the amazingly cute pictures you can find on Tada's Revolution. most of the little stills come in groups of two or three and tell a short story. i love amigurumi and i adore miniatures (which i've probably mentioned before) and im smitten with stories...so basically this concept is kind of perfect to me. i found out about Tada's Revolution via See Hear Say. lovely blog, you should check it out.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Those pictures are SO cute!
    Love, Chani

  2. thanks for the mention :) glad you like tada's revolutions too, aren't they just adorable! have a lovely day!

  3. Oh my - I took a peak at your blog and fell in love. I love miniatures, I LOVE Rody, and is that a squirrel - because guess what? I love them too!

  4. Aw, the little bunny in the pink tutu is adorable. She has great taste in shoes too! ;)

  5. oh these are too cute!
    im following your blog through google friend connect
    mind to follow mine back ? :)


  6. Thank you so much for visiting + commenting on my blog! I am tickled by these fuzzy little creatures, especially the bears on a bridge- so so cute!

  7. awwwww this is soooo cute!!! i love these pics! =)


  8. oh my god, you have made my day! these are amazing! x

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

    I am actually going to be obsessed!

  10. Oh my goodness, these are so delightful...!!! I LOVE these images :)

  11. awww these are SO cute!! hehe

  12. this is utterly amazing. so cute. i love it.



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