pastel nails

i'm so in love with pastel nail polish. right now i'm wearing Maybelline's Pie in the Sky (a nice pale periwinkle), and looking at all the collections that are featuring pastel colors. it makes me want to go out and buy lots of nail polish! even though i already have way much more than a girl could ever need. oh well. i can just eye the pretty colors from a distance...but if i see the perfect shade i'm totally going to buy me some nail candy!

these are the pastel colors from China Glaze's Up & Away 2010 collection:
Light As Air; Something Sweet; Re-Fresh Mint

Lemon Fizz; Peachy Keen; Sugar High
images from here.

Illamasqua's yet to be released Pastel Nails collection:
Wink; Nudge; Caress; Blow

Orly's Sweet Spring 2010 collection:
Pixy Stix; Lollipop; Lemonade; Gumdrop; Cotton Candy; Snowcone
image from here.

the pastel colors from OPI Hong Kong 2010:
Panda-monium Pink; Lucky Lucky Lavendar
images from here.

and, last but not least, the pastel colors from essie's spring collection 2010:
Pop Art Pink; Lilacism; Neo Whimsical

Van D'go; Tart Deco


  1. Love!! Especially the 'light as air'. I really like pastels..would be perfect for easter too :)

  2. i love all these spring pastels!! definitely going to be picking some of these up! the mint green is gorgeous!

  3. You're right! I would buy all of them too!

  4. I love pastels!!! And, I love your blog! xo

  5. Oh yes I do rather like pastel nail polish, these are all so cute :).

  6. it might sound ridiculous, but this post, for me, was like experiencing some sort of divine intervention. pastel polish is soooo delightful, these are dreamy.


  7. China Glaze is one of my favorites. Love those colors, love this post!



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